¿Sabes cómo es que una obra de arte puede durar tantos años sin sufrir lucir vieja y deteriorada? El arte de la ciencia y la paciencia es como se le conoce al arduo y meticuloso trabajo de restaurar una obra de arte. Incluso puede ser más difícil que crearla, pues además de conocimiento y técnica, se debe respetar todo aquello que el autor plasmó hace cientos de años.

Para que sepas como es que funciona este peculiar oficio, te dejamos unos impresionantes videos del trabajo de Julian Baumgartner, un restaurador de arte.

Once the bridging of the tear is complete the next step is to fill in the missing pigment. Often times when canvas is torn some pigment is lost, while it would be ideal to have all of that pigment to replace, sometimes that’s just not possible. In those cases are use a fill-in medium composed mostly of calcium carbonate silica, pulverized limestone and an emulsion to bring those areas of loss level with the surrounding paint. On paintings with heavy texture or in Posto that fill in medium is sculpted to match. Here that’s not an issue. Once dry the excess will be removed. #artrestoration #artconservation #restoration #conservation #art #fineart #painting #canvas #oilpaint #chicago #paintingconservation #arthistory #paintingrestoration #bfar

Posted by Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sometime people ask me if it ever gets old… nope, never. Making tests like this is not only neat as it reveals the true painting but also informative. It’s hard to tell but what’s happening is that the top layer of yellowed varnish is first being softened and then removed and then a layer of soot is being penetrated and the original varnish is being softened allowing the soot to come off too. Usually paintings aren’t revarnished atop soot and grime but in this case someone never bothered to clean the painting first. This will affect how I approach the cleaning process; it will require three stages; one to remove the top varnish, one to remove the grime and soot and one more to remove the bottom varnish..#artrestoration #artconservation #restoration #conservation #art #fineart #painting #canvas #oilpaint #chicago #paintingconservation #arthistory #paintingrestoration #bfar

Posted by Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Well, after a long holiday weekend I’m back at it again. It’s going to be a busy week for sure! Here I’m removing some discolored damar varnish. Over time with exposure to UV light and oxygen varnish can become yellow, gray, cloudy or brittle and obfuscate the true colors of the painting..#artrestoration #artconservation #restoration #conservation #art #fineart #painting #canvas #oilpaint #chicago #paintingconservation #arthistory #paintingrestoration #bfar

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